This Journal will support quality academic research conferences through Special Editions, to allow for the refereed placement of conference submissions.

Special Editions feature their own Editorial Board, and conference leaders usually provide several Special Edition editors.

How the Journal works with conferences:
We consider conferences that have a global audience/interest, focus on a robust academic discourse of topics related to the Journal's mission and are open to the wider academic community for participation.

Usually the 8-10 best conference submissions are selected to create a Special Edition, and either on-line versions or hard copy printed editions are possible. Special Editions for conferences can be creates to be available during/before the conference, many times also offering conference sponsors an opportunity or commercial exposure, or they can be created after the conference has been concluded.


Detailed information about Special Conference editions:

Good Special Editions support a conference by creating an additional attraction for academics to register and participate with their latest material. In many universities, refereed publications are more important than conference presentations, and the Journal willingly assists conferences to offer this additional exposure to their participants.

The standards of the Journal control acceptances, and in many cases standards of acceptance of conference material are similar to those of the Journal. In those cases, we accept material that has been selected by the Conference Review Panel. In other cases, we perform a peer-review for selected submissions to a conference.

Special Editions require their own Call for Papers, usually published with the Conference Call for Papers. The Journal staff can prepare a Call for papers for you. Conferences will be listed on our web site for additional exposure. It is common to prepare Calls for Papers 6-12 months prior to the conference date.

Conference editions include papers selected by the editors for the special issue. The decision of those editors is final and mere participation/registration at the conference does not qualify authors for special editions. The quality standards of the Journal apply to special editions as well,

There is no cost to host special editions as on-line editions on the Journal's web site, and the Journal has no financial interest in conference registration fees. The Journal discourages any special charges to conference participants for inclusion in special editions. Papers for special editions should be selected solely on their merits. The Journal staff will prepare each accepted article for uploading on the web. For hard copy printed editions, the Journal staff will provide a print-ready file, and the conference organizers bear the costs for the printing. We have access to quality printers in China and India, with costs per copy that are quite reasonable.

We encourage you to contact us early with any interest to see your conference materials published in the Journal.

Member of the Editorial Board
Prof. Rajat Baisya, is the former CEO of Emami Group of Companies and now teaches at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi in the areas of turn around strategy, strategic technology management, business development, strategic marketing, acquisition & mergers, diversification and new business development.